Prophecy News Watch - October 31, 2023

Around the World
Chinese generals rattle sabers at U.S. on war over Taiwan
Chinese generals took aim at the U.S. military on Monday with blunt warnings that foreign forces in a war to take Taiwan will be crushed, but they also held out the prospect of ending a lengthy boycott on direct military-to-military talks with the Pentagon.
‘Jews not allowed’: As Erdogan praises Hamas, antisemitism rages in Turkey
“Jews not allowed,” read the sign in English and Turkish above Rağman Şahaf, a used book store next to Istanbul University and not far from the city’s famed Grand Bazaar.
Israel summons Russian ambassador over Moscow’s refusal to condemn Hamas
Israel’s Foreign Ministry on Sunday summoned the Russian ambassador in a rebuke of Moscow’s refusal to unequivocally condemn Hamas and for Russia’s hosting of Hamas officials last week, the Times of Israel (TOI) reports.
Russia: Pro-Palestine Muslim rioters storm airport looking for Jews on plane from Israel (Video)
Amid the worldwide pro-Palestine protests that have followed Hamas’ attack on Israeli civilians on October 7, hundreds of Islamist rioters stormed Makhachkala airport in Dagestan in Russia's North Caucasus Sunday, looking for Jews whom they heard had arrived on a flight from Israel, DW reports.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israel’s Netanyahu rejects cease-fire, says it’s ‘time for war’ against Hamas
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu flatly rejected calls for a cease-fire in comments to the press on Monday.
US forces have been attacked 23 times in Iraq, Syria since Hamas assault on Israel
American and allied forces in Iraq and Syria have been attacked with drones and rockets 23 times this month, a senior US defense official said Monday, as regional tensions soar over the Israel-Hamas war.
Israel Wants Russia To Tackle Hatred After Anti-Israel Crowd Storms Airport
Israel on Monday urged Russia’s government to act against antisemitism after an anti-Israel mob stormed an airport in Russia, but Moscow blamed “outside interference” for the incident.
Israel Frees Soldier Held By Hamas As Hamas Releases Hostages Video
Israel says its military has freed an Israeli soldier held in Gaza by Hamas.
Israel Expanding Ground Offensive Into Gaza; Missing Woman Found Dead
Israel is expanding its ground offensive with armored vehicles being seen on Gaza's main north-south road, close to Gaza City, in an operation that Israeli leaders say is aimed at “destroying the Hamas terrorist organization.”

Inside the United States
Republicans set deadline for answers on terrorists coming through southern border
The Hamas terror attack on Israel has spurred questions about safety in America and who’s being let in at the country’s southern border.
Senate Democrats press Biden administration to cover over-the-counter birth control
Senate Democrats are pressing the Biden administration to require health insurance plans to fully cover over-the-counter (OTC) contraceptives.
Colorado: Federal Court rules Christian school can receive state funding without giving up religious beliefs
A federal court has granted a preliminary injunction allowing a Christian school in Colorado to receive state funding without having to give up its religious beliefs even though it is currently engaged in a lawsuit against the state, CBN News reports.

Christian News
Nigeria: Evangelical Christian doctor murdered in Nasarawa state
Suspected Islamic terrorists murdered a Christian doctor and severely wounded his motorcycle driver in Nigeria’s Nasarawa state during a machete attack on October 17, Morning Star News (MSN) reports. Islamic terrorists have slaughtered over 50,000 Christians since jihadism took hold in Nigeria in 2009.