Prophecy News Watch - September 15, 2023

Around the World
UK, Germany, France, and US says Iran must clarify issues over nuclear material
Britain, Germany, France, and the United States told the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on Thursday that further action would be needed on Iran if the country did not fulfill legal obligations and clarify issues over nuclear material.
Russia Tried To Shoot Down British Plane
A Russian pilot tried to shoot down a British military spy plane after believing he had permission to fire, officials said Thursday.
European Central Bank Raises Interest Rates To Highest In History, Now 4 Percent
On Thursday, the European Central Bank (ECB) raised interest rates by a quarter of a percentage point, with the deposit rate reaching 4 percent, the highest in its two-decade history.
NATO Prepares Largest Drill Since Cold War
In a warning to Russia, the U.S.-led NATO alliance will conduct its largest military exercise since the Cold War involving tens of thousands of troops, officials confirmed Thursday.
Hope Fade To Find Survivors In Morocco Quake; Thousands Killed and Injured
Hope to find survivors was fading Thursday, nearly a week after a rare 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck Morocco, killing and injuring thousands of people, authorities said.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israeli airstrikes in Syria targeted CERS
The Israel Air Force carried out strikes in Hama, Syria, on Wednesday night, according to Syrian state media. Just hours earlier, Syrian media had reported IAF attacks on targets in the nearby port city of Tartus.
Air Force stages major drill in Greece practicing potential long-range strike on Iran
The Israeli Air Force (IAF) staged a major long-range strike drill in Greece this week, the latest in a series of drills aimed at preparing the military for a potential strike on Iran and its nuclear facilities.

Inside the United States
Planned Parenthood sues to expand South Carolina abortion access under strict new ban
Abortion providers are trying to lengthen the narrow window when they can legally terminate a pregnancy under a strict new ban in South Carolina.
Hunter Biden Charged With Firearm Offences, Embarrassing President
In an embarrassment to U.S. President Joe Biden, his son Hunter has been charged with three federal counts of firearm offenses as prosecutors renew their legal challenge against him.
US: Geologists working to confirm world’s largest source of lithium along Oregon/Nevada border
Geologists in the US are working to confirm their belief that a lithium mineral deposit potentially worth $1.48 trillion is located in the McDermitt caldera on the border of Oregon and Nevada, Extreme Tech reports. Experts believe 40 million metric tons of lithium may be hidden in the caldera, a massive cauldron-shaped depression formed by the Yellowstone volcanic hotspot.

Christian News
Indonesia: West Sumatra church congregation threatened by neighbors
The Indonesian Bethel Church Solagracia in Padang, West Sumatra has reported that a service it held in a rented home on August 29 was disrupted by neighbors who broke a window while threatening them and demanding they stop worshiping, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports.
Nigeria: Fulani terrorists murder 37 Christians in Plateau state, “the siege against Christian communities continues without abating”
Fulani herdsmen murdered 37 Christians in Nigeria’s Plateaus State during a spate of attacks carried out over the last five weeks, Morning Star News (MSN) reports. Nigeria ranked number one in the world last year for the number of Christians killed because of their faith (5,014), according to the US Open Doors international Christian advocacy organization.