Prophecy News Watch - September 18, 2023

Around the World
Erdogan says Turkey may part with EU, implying Ankara could end membership bid
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Saturday that Turkey may part ways with the European Union, implying that the country is thinking about ending its bid to join the 27-nation bloc.
Iran blocks nuclear inspectors after U.S. unfreezes billions of dollars for Tehran
Iran began barring U.N. inspectors from nuclear sites over the weekend, days after the Biden administration freed up $6 billion in frozen Iranian funds in pursuit of a prisoner swap with Tehran.
UN Launches ‘War’ Against Covid Climate Change Critics (Worthy News-Investigation)
The United Nations has launched a “misinformation war” against those questioning the U.N. narrative of a human-induced climate crisis and its COVID policies, including vaccinations, lockdowns, and mask-wearing.
Libya Warns More Than 20,000 Dead In Floods
The floods from storm Daniel that devastated Libya became the country’s largest natural catastrophe in years Thursday, with authorities fearing that more than 20,000 people have died.
NATO Chief Warns World To Prepare For Long War In Ukraine (Worthy News Radio)
The secretary general of the NATO military alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, has warned the world there will be no swift end to the Ukraine war. His comments came as Kyiv pushes on with its counteroffensive against Russia.
Poland Rocked By Visas-for-Cash Scandal
Efforts by Poland’s conservative governing party to make migration a campaign theme seemed to fail Sunday after revelations that diplomats provided 250,000 visas in exchange for bribes.
Taiwan Surrounded By Chinese Warplanes and Warships
The government of democratically-ruled Taiwan weighed its options Friday after Communist-run China’s military surrounded the island in a threatening drill.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Palestinians riot on Gaza border as Hamas calls for third initifada
For the second time in as many days days, hundreds of Palestinians gathered to riot at the border separating the Gaza Strip and Israel, amid calls by Palestinian terror groups for a third intifada.

Inside the United States
McCarthy announces formal Biden impeachment inquiry
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy approved an impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden, even as GOP senators warn against the measure.
Texas AG Paxton acquitted on all 16 articles of impeachment
The Texas Senate voted on Saturday to acquit Attorney General Ken Paxton on all 16 articles of impeachment that had been voted against him by the Texas House of Representatives.
‘Growing number’ of people on U.S. terrorist watchlist encountered at border, DHS says
A growing number of people on the U.S. Terrorist Watchlist were encountered at U.S. borders in 2023, homeland security officials said on Thursday, noting in an annual report that a record number of migrant arrivals had “complicated border and immigration security” this past year.

Christian News
Pakistan Police Detain Pastor Over Shooting
Concerns remained Sunday about a pastor in eastern Pakistan who was reportedly detained for “faking” a shooting incident, although Worthy News and others witnessed him in hospital.