Prophecy News Watch - September 19, 2023

Around the World
Five Americans Jailed In Iran Fly Home
Five American citizens jailed for years in Iran were on their way home to the United States Monday after being released in exchange for billions of dollars in a controversial prisoner swap.
Russia Firing Nuclear-Capable Cruise Missiles Near US
Russia fired nuclear-capable cruise missiles at “mock targets” in the seas separating it from the U.S. state of Alaska on Monday in what it said was an exercise to protect its northern shipping route in the Arctic.
Summit Appeals For More Children As Demographic Winter Hits Industrialized World
A summit in Budapest dedicated to the demographic winter hitting the industrialized world has ended with appeals by government and faith leaders for people to have more children and pro-family lives.
Congolese Government Denies Coup As Africa Faces Turmoil
The government of the Republic of Congo, also known as Congo-Brazzaville, denied late Sunday that an alleged coup was underway against longtime President Denis Sassou.
Dead Newborn Among Migrants; Italy Under ‘Unsustainable Pressure’
Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni says the nation is under "unsustainable pressure" due to an influx of migrants fleeing war, persecution, and poverty as a dead newborn baby has been recovered.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Netanyahu talks to Elon Musk about antisemitism on X, AI
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu kicked off a US trip in California to talk to billionaire businessman Elon Musk about antisemitism on his social media platform X – while Musk asked him to address his judicial overhaul in Israel. The two also discussed artificial intelligence in a sparsely attended livestream event Monday.
Israel is still ‘Palestine’ on Saudi Arabia’s new map despite peace talks
Despite recent US-brokered normalization talks between Israel and Saudi Arabia, the entirety of the Jewish State is still referred to as 'Palestine' in an update of the Saudis' official map of the country and its borders published earlier this week.
Israel intercepts massive shipment of chemical used in rocket fuel headed for Gaza
Foiling potentially deadly attacks by the Hamas terror group, Israel recently intercepted a massive shipment of chemicals used to make rocket fuel that was headed to the Gaza Strip from Turkey, the Times of Israel (TOI) reports.

Inside the United States
McCarthy Aims for 8% Spending Cut, Border Wall in Bid to Avoid Gov’t Shutdown
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has offered a plan to congressional Republicans to avoid a government shutdown that would cut overall spending by 1% of current levels for 31 days.
Trump Faces Big Rift with Pro-Lifers After Opposing Heartbeat Laws
Former President Trump's comments on abortion laws are drawing fire from pro-lifers.
Uncommitted Christians causing ‘catastrophic decline in biblical worldview in America’: Barna
Millions of uncommitted Christians are causing a "catastrophic decline in biblical worldview in America" because they have been poorly discipled in their faith and often don't know how to pass on biblical values to their children, research in a new book from veteran Christian researcher George Barna shows.

Christian News
Nigeria: Pastor of Evangelical church and two other Christians kidnapped in Plateau state
The pastor and two other members of the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) in Nigeria’s Plateau State were kidnapped last week by armed terrorists, Morning Star News (MSN) reports. Plagued by Islamic terror groups who have murdered, kidnapped, and displaced tens of thousands of Christians since 2009, Nigeria ranks 6th on the US Open Doors World Watch List 2023 of the top 50 countries where Christians are persecuted.
Pakistan: Christian couple detained, charged with blasphemy in Punjab Province
A Christian couple in Punjab Province, Pakistan have been charged and detained under the country’s notoriously harsh blasphemy laws, just weeks after mobs of Islamic extremists attacked more than 80 Christian homes and churches in the region, the Christian Post (CP) reports.