Prophecy News Watch - September 28, 2022

Around the World
Iranians hold 12th night of protests; ex-president Rafsanjani’s daughter arrested
Iranians on Tuesday staged a 12th straight night of protests over the death in custody of Mahsa Amini, in defiance of a crackdown that a rights group says has killed more than 75 people.
NATO warns Russia of ‘severe consequences’ in case of a nuclear strike
Any use of nuclear weapons by Russia is unacceptable and would have severe consequences, NATO said on Tuesday after an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin issued another stark nuclear warning to Ukraine and the West.
Undersea ‘blasts’ recorded at same time Russia-Germany gas pipelines damaged
Mysterious leaks in the Nord Stream gas pipe network began with "powerful subsea blasts" and resulted from "deliberate actions".
Putin increases prison sentences for soldiers who desert the army or surrender
Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has signed an amendment to the country’s criminal code, increasing the lengths of prison terms for Russian soldiers who desert the army or who surrender to the enemy during a war, Yahoo News reports. Putin’s amendments to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation were made amid the ongoing invasion of Ukraine.
Central Russia Mourns 17 Killed In School
Central Russia has begun a mourning period until September 29 after a gunman opened fire at a school, killing at least 17 people, most of them children.
Japan Has State Funeral For Assassinated Ex-PM Shinzo Abe
Japan began honoring former prime minister Shinzo Abe, who was assassinated in July, with a rare state funeral in Tokyo, but protests overshadowed the ceremony.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Red heifer sacrifice could take place in one year in Jerusalem
The sacrifice of a red heifer could take place on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem as early as 13 months from now.
Record number of Jews visit Temple Mount on Rosh Hashana, Arabs riot for 3rd straight day
Throughout the holiday of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, which was celebrated from Sunday evening until Tuesday sunset, Israel Police operated around the country with increased numbers in order to maintain peace and public safety.

Inside the United States
Tampa Braces for First Direct Hurricane Hit in 100 Years, and It Could Be a Dangerous Cat 4
Tampa is preparing for what could be its first direct hurricane hit in a hundred years with parts of the city under mandatory evacuations as residents brace for Hurricane Ian's impact.
New $1.1 bln U.S. arms package for Ukraine in process
The United States is preparing a new $1.1 billion arms package for Ukraine's battle with Russia that will be announced soon, U.S. officials said on Tuesday as Washington awaits the outcome of what it calls "sham" referendums in Ukraine.
Scientists Alarmed by Antibiotic-Resistant Sexually Transmitted Infection
Bacterial scientists fear a sexually transmitted infection, mycoplasma genitalium, could soon become a "superbug," in terms of causing infertility among women or potentially even leading to death.
Not over? Military vaccine mandate Biden administration’s latest pandemic battle
The Biden administration is gearing up for its latest pandemic showdown, this time over vaccine mandates in the military.

Christian News
Nigeria: Dozens more Christians murdered in continued attacks in Benue state
This month’s spate of murderous attacks on Christians in Nigeria’s Benue state has continued, with suspected Fulani jihadist herdsmen killing dozens of Christians on Wednesday, September 21, and Friday, September 23, Morning Star News (MSN) reports.
South Carolina: Anglican and Episcopal diocese reach settlement after years-long litigation
South Carolina’s Anglican Diocese and Episcopal Diocese announced Monday they have finally settled nearly ten years of litigation over parish building rights and can now invest their resources in Gospel ministry rather than legal action, the Christian Post reports.