Prophecy News Watch - September 30, 2022

Around the World
50 million people in 45 countries face the “hell” of famine, UN food Chief says
The UN’s World Food Program (WFP) chief has announced that around 50 million people in 45 countries are facing the “hell” of famine amid a catalog of world crises he described as “a perfect storm on top of a perfect storm,” Associated Press reports. WFP Executive Director David Beasley said the world must act immediately to prevent rampant food shortages next year.
Putin to announce annexation of four occupied Ukrainian regions
In a move described by Western governments as a “sham,” Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said he will hold a ceremony Friday to announce his annexation of four Russian-occupied parts of Ukraine, Axios reports. Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky has previously stated all diplomatic negotiations with Russia would be severed in the event of annexation.
Iranian Missile Strikes Kill American Citizen, State Department Confirms
An American citizen was killed on Wednesday during a series of Iran-orchestrated missile strikes in Iraq, the State Department confirmed on Thursday.
Success of experimental Alzheimer’s drug hailed as ‘historic moment’
An experimental drug has slowed the rate of decline in memory and thinking in people with early Alzheimer’s disease in what is being described as a “historic moment” for dementia treatment.
‘Full chaos’: Over 100,000 Russians flood neighboring countries to flee army call-up
Georgia and Kazakhstan said Tuesday that tens of thousands of Russians had flooded into their countries from neighboring Russia since the announcement of a partial military mobilization to fight in Ukraine.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israel signs its first Free Trade Agreement with South Korea
Israel signed its first Free Trade Agreement with South Korea on Tuesday, a move which Israeli officials say will place Israel on an equal competitive footing with the world powers Seoul already has FTAs with, the Jewish News Syndicate (JNS) reports.

Inside the United States
‘A 500-Year Flood Event’: One of Worst Hurricanes to Ever Strike FL, Ian to Strengthen and Slam SC Next
Hurricane Ian will be remembered as one of the worst storms to ever hit the state of Florida with houses and cars floating away, along with storm surges of 12 to 18 feet. And unfortunately, it's not done unleashing destruction against the United States yet.
Final GDP reading shows US economy shrank 0.6% in the spring, cementing start of recession
The U.S. economy shrank for the second consecutive quarter in the three months ended June, according to the final estimate from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, meeting the criteria for a so-called technical recession as raging inflation and higher interest rates weighed on spending.
Republican States Sue Biden Admin Over Plan To Cancel Student Debt
Six Republican-led states are suing the Biden administration for allegedly overstepping executive powers related to President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan.
Mortgage Rates Hit 15-Year High At 6.7% — More than Double Since Last Year
Rates for home loans continued to surge for the sixth consecutive week, now reaching the highest level in more than 15 years as more home shoppers retract from the market.

Worthy Watch
United Nations Promotes Digital Identification
The development of the digital economy is prompting the United Nations to promote a digital legal identity and hopes to fully implement its program by 2030.

Worthy Insights
7 ways a recession could be good for you financially
The Washington Post tried to spin the recession and suggest how it may be good for you financially while the markets are losing trillions!
Planned Parenthood doctor tells committee that ‘men can have pregnancies, especially trans men’
A House committee hearing on abortion restrictions took an unexpected turn Thursday when a Democratic witness who works for Planned Parenthood testified that men can get pregnant.
Researchers Conduct Vaccine Trials with Box of Mosquitoes – ‘Like 1,000 Small Flying Syringes’
Researchers working on a new malaria vaccine have an unusual way of going about it. By sticking test subjects’ arms over a box full of mosquitoes, the researchers allow genetically modified mosquitoes to bite and deliver the vaccine.