Prophecy News Watch - September 4, 2023

Around the World
Russia Puts Feared Nuclear ‘Satan 2’ Missiles On Combat Duty
Russia on Friday prepared to attack targets with its feared nuclear-capable Sarmat missiles, nicknamed Satan 2, with authorities saying they had been put on “combat duty.”
Iran claims to foil major Mossad attempt to insert defective parts into its missiles
Iran claimed Thursday that it had foiled a major plan by Israel’s Mossad spy agency to sabotage its missile production and its defense industry as a whole.
Security Council extends UNIFIL peacekeepers’ mandate, rejects Hezbollah demands
The United Nations Security Council voted on Thursday to extend the mandate of the UN peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon, hours before it was due to expire.
As Typhoon Haikui barrels into Taiwan, thousands are evacuated
Domestic flights were cancelled and almost 4,000 people were evacuated as Typhoon Haikui barrelled into southeastern Taiwan on Sunday bringing torrential rain and strong winds.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israel to boost Air Force power with new F-35 squadron
Defense Minister Yoav Gallant on Sunday submitted an official Letter of Request (LOR) to the US and to Lockheed Martin for the purchase of a third squadron of 25 F-35 aircraft, which will eventually bring Israel’s total complement to 75 aircraft.
Israel mulls response after Tel Aviv riot leaves 170 injured
Israeli ministers met on Sunday morning to discuss the government’s response to the previous day’s violent riots in Tel Aviv between rival Eritrean factions.
Hezbollah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad meet to ‘coordinate’ against ‘Zionist enemy’
The head of the Hezbollah terror group hosted senior officials from the Palestinian Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror groups in Lebanon over the weekend, with the goal of unifying their efforts to attack the State of Israel.
US delegation heading to Saudi Arabia amid Biden normalization push
A delegation of top American officials is slated to travel to Riyadh this week to meet with Saudi counterparts in order to discuss a potential normalization agreement between the Gulf kingdom and Israel, a US official and a Palestinian official told The Times of Israel on Sunday.
Israel unveils ‘most advanced’ surveillance plane with AI-powered sensors: ‘Unprecedented’
The Israeli Defense Ministry has unveiled a new surveillance aircraft that integrates artificial intelligence (AI) systems in what officials are calling a groundbreaking development for technology.

Inside the United States
Fifth Circuit sides with ivermectin-prescribing doctors in their quarrel with the FDA
Three doctors who prescribed ivermectin for Covid-19 patients have valid claims that the Food and Drug Administration overstepped its authority with a campaign warning people not to take the drug, a Fifth Circuit panel ruled Friday, reinstating the trio’s lawsuit against the agency.
Obama-Appointed Judge Rules State Officials Don’t Have To Change Birth Certificates To Match People’s Gender Identity
A federal judge ruled Thursday that Kansas government officials are no longer required to change a person’s birth certificate to reflect their gender identity, according to the court document.
Federal judge blocks Tennessee county from enforcing state drag ban
A federal judge blocked a Tennessee district attorney in Blount County from enforcing the state law that bans adult performances on public property or in areas that children could see.
Judge dismisses lawsuit claiming Trump can’t hold office after insurrection
A federal judge has dismissed a suit brought by a Florida tax attorney attempting to disqualify former President Donald Trump from running for reelection on the basis of fomenting an insurrection in 2020.
SCOTUS Asked to Review State Court’s Decision to Remove Jurors with ‘Conservative Christian’ Beliefs
Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey asked the Supreme Court Thursday to review a state court’s decision to remove Christian jurors from an employment discrimination lawsuit where the plaintiff identified as lesbian.

Christian News
Pakistan’s Supreme Court ‘Rekindles Hope’, Opposes Forced Marriages of Christian Girls
The Supreme Court in Pakistan has ordered the government to respond to a complaint demanding lower courts stop allowing forced conversion and marriage of minority girls in the predominantly Muslim country. The decision could make way for the country to adopt laws that would protect young girls, says a new report.